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Two people extricated from accident scene on I-95

Among the many laws that the state of Connecticut has in place to keep motorists and pedestrians safe is the Move Over Law. Simply put, this law mandates that if drivers see disabled vehicles on the shoulder of a roadway, they should change lanes to get further away from the shoulder as they pass the disabled vehicles. The reason for this is to avoid inadvertatently hitting those vehicles or any people who may be outside the vehicles tending to flat tires or the other reasons that may have made them pull over in the first place.

The failure to move over may have contributed to an accident on a recent Friday night in which two people had to be extricated from either inside a vehicle or from underneath a vehicle. Few details are known but at this time it is believed that a AAA tow truck driver was pulled over on the side of Interstate 95 helping the driver of another vehicle. Eventually multiple other vehicles became entangled in a collision that involved the tow truck and a commercial truck.

Understanding reasons for food recalls

Most residents in Connecticut have at some point heard about a particular consumer product being recalled from store shelves. In some situations, such a recall may involve a food item. The number of times this may happen is really unlimited and there can be made circumstances that warrant such a recall.

As explained by, recalls involving food in the United States may be initiated either by private businesses or by government entities. If a government agency requires or orders a recall, this would most likely happen from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Some things that may necessitate a recall are the discovery that a product has not been properly labelled and a consumer might therefore consumer something that may be harmful to them. For example, an ingredient list that fails to itemize a particular ingredient that a consumer happens to be allergic to may require a recall so that the label may be corrected.

Head-on collision kills Rockville woman

One of the more common news items that may emerge following a car accident in Bridgeport is how authorities are investigating what may have caused the collision. While there certainly are cases where vehicle defects may contribute to an accident, most often an element of human error (be it intentional or not) is involved. It may be important for the causes of crashes to be determined in order to decide whether criminal charges need to be filed as well as to provide information for the insurance carriers of those involved. Beyond that, such knowledge may also prove to be beneficial to those who may end up seeking compensation from the driver deemed to be responsible.

Law enforcement officials in Maine care currently considering all factors (including speed, alcohol, drugs, distraction or vehicle defects) to determine what caused the accident that claimed the life of Rockville woman and landed her husband as well as the other driver involved in the hospital with serious injuries. It was reported that the couple the was traveling along a straight stretch of state highway when the other driver inexplicably lost control of his vehicle while approaching from the opposite direction. His vehicle struck the couple’s head on, causing a collision that ended up shutting down the highway for close to three hours. Officials reportedly obtained a blood sample from the other driver as per accident investigation protocol.

What is personal protective equipment?

Some workers in Connecticut encounter a fair amount of risk on a daily basis. In this case, personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for mitigating hazards and ensuring all workers remain well protected throughout the day. To this end, it’s important for both workers as well as employers to be aware just what is comprised of PPE and the proper methods for encouraging compliance.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states the vital role PPE plays in many workplaces. Additionally, this organizations encourages employers to implement a program governing the proper use of PPE to ensure all workers remain in tune with how to stay protected from common hazards. PPE programs should make note of such hazards, how equipment is selected, how employees are trained in proper usage and list any monitoring steps that are utilized to check for compliance.

What happens when a drunk driver causes a serious accident?

You probably take every step you can to ensure your family's safety on the road. You don't allow distractions, like cellphone calls or texting, to interfere with your focus. You maintain your vehicle and use your safety belts.

Unfortunately, all it takes is one person getting behind the wheel while intoxicated to lay waste to all your safety efforts. Drunk or drugged drivers are responsible for a significant portion of motor vehicle crashes. Connecticut has strict laws about driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in place to try to reduce the risk for responsible drivers.

How is self-driving car safety monitored?

If you have been following the progress of the development of self-driving cars, you may well have wondered just how safe these vehicles really are or will be. If so, you are not alone as many of your fellow Connecticut residents are asking much the same question. In fact, auto makers, technology companies and legislators are also asking this question.

According to Recode, a technology industry news site, manufacturers and developers of self-driving vehicle technology met with federal lawmakers to discuss exactly how to manage and oversee the safety of autonomous vehicles. One of the issues raised was the fact that currently there are no established safety standards at a federal level for self-driving vehicles at all.

New device may measure phone use after a crash

Most Connecticut residents have been hearing a lot about the dangers of distracted driving in the past couple of years. More and more research is coming out or being performed to track the use of phones while driving to vehicle accidents. The fact of the matter is that texting takes a driver's eyes, mind and hands off of driving and is therefore a danger that may increase the chance of an accident happening.

One man who has actually lost his son in an accident with a driver who was on his phone at the time has been advocating for the legalized use of a device to check for this activity after an accident happens. The concept has been likened to that used when checking for the potential influence of alcohol in an accident. In those situations, officers can have drivers submit to breath tests that give a reading of their blood alcohol content.

What are the different types of driving distractions?

Much has been made in recent years over the perceived prevalence of cell phone use behind the wheel, so much so that you may believe that to be the only type of driving distraction that can endanger you while traveling on Bridgeport’s roads. The truth is that there are many forms of distracted driving that are linked less to a specific activity than they are the manner in which one’s attention is drawn away from the road.

Information shared by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in conjunction with the Auto Alliance identifies three distinct types of driving distractions. They are defined as follows:

  •          Visual distractions: These are any activities that may force another to look away from the road in order to complete them.
  •          Manual distractions: A manual distraction is defined as an act which causes one to take his or her hands off of the steering wheel.
  •          Cognitive distractions: Any task that diverts a driver’s focus and attention from the road is deemed to be a cognitive distraction.

Make pool safety a priority this summer

With summer rapidly approaching, families in Connecticut look forward to lounging around poolside. However, accidents can easily occur at both public and private pools, and in some cases these accidents can lead to tragic consequences. Accordingly, it’s crucial for families as well as pool owners to remain vigilant against common risks to ensure the safety for all involved.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, there are numerous factors that can greatly impact one’s risk of drowning. For instance, pools must be closely supervised at all times, particularly when there are young children in attendance. At public pools this requires the presence of a trained lifeguard, while home pools should be supervised by an adult who is a strong and capable swimmer in the event a drowning incident occurs.

An accident with a commercial vehicle can change your life

Every time we get on the road, we take certain risks. A motor vehicle accident can cause property damage and physical injury. The risks for injuries and property damage increase substantially when a smaller vehicle gets into an accident with a much larger vehicle.

Commercial vehicles, such as semitrucks, eighteen wheelers and even buses can cause catastrophic damage to smaller vehicles. Many times, issues such as wide turns and blind spots can make commercial vehicles responsible for seriously damaging a smaller vehicle. In these situations, injuries are often worse than in other crashes.

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