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How does weather cause traffic accidents?

Traffic crashes take place for many reasons, such as intoxicated or drowsy driving and speeding. In Bridgeport, and all across the state of Connecticut, weather conditions can also play a role in these accidents. Unfortunately, some drivers fail to operate their vehicles safely during inclement weather and put the lives and well-being of others at risk. If you have been hurt because of a crash that was caused by someone's carelessness, you should look into your options as you try to recover.

According to material that was released by the Federal Highway Administration, weather can cause traffic accidents in many ways. Although drivers often recognize the hazards associated with ice and snowfall, it is important to recognize that all sorts of other weather conditions can cause a crash. Actually, wet roads and rainfall are responsible for more weather-related crashes than any other type of weather condition. When a driver reaches excessive speeds on a wet road, they may be unable to slow down in time or veer into oncoming traffic as they try to stop, resulting in a motor vehicle accident.

Dangerous toys and Connecticut's product liability laws

The plethora of toys available in stores provide fun for not only youngsters, but the whole family, as well. Yet when an injury from a toy occurs, entertainment can become a catastrophe in a matter of seconds. While a toy defect can cause general mistrust in manufacturers, Connecticut enforces product liability laws to protect individuals if such an incident should occur.

Many parents may ask how dangerous toys reach stores in the first place. World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.) is a non-profit organization that informs the public of dangerous children's toys and products. Pointing out the huge lack in adequate mandatory pre-market safety testing of toys in comparison to the rigid testing of food and drugs, W.A.T.C.H. serves as a reliable resource for parents to use when checking for product malfunction and potential dangers. Since 1973, the organization has provided a yearly "10 Worst Toys" list that identifies toys with the potential to cause harm, and even death. W.A.T.C.H. speaks out against the overwhelming number of toy recalls that continuously occur, and strives for stricter toy screening to prevent further accidents.

What should you know about premise liability?

Connecticut business owners have to maintain their properties well and always stay vigilant. If you don't, you could end up with customers injuring themselves while on your property. In turn, that can lead to a premise liability case.

Forbes published an article highlighting the dangerous situations that people can get into because of issues relating to premise liability. For example, any scenario where someone gets injured on a business owner's property is nightmarish for the owner because they can be held liable. It doesn't matter how someone is injured. They could hurt themselves slipping on the sidewalk in front of your business, trip over poorly-maintained stairs, or even slip on a puddle that wasn't properlty warned for. After the accident, you're the person considered responsible and you will have to deal with the aftermath.

Is the "textalyzer" going to change distracted driving?

Imagine driving through Bridgeport on your way to work. As you drive through town, a car in the next lane swerves over the line and hits your car, sending you into a concrete barrier. You just became a victim of a distracted driver. You had seen the driver texting on her phone just a few moments before the accident, but when the officer takes her statement, she completely blamed the accident on you and denied using her phone.

You know it could be a long fight with her insurance company to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries, the damage to your car and your lost wages. If only there was a way to prove that she was texting. Fortunately, the key to proving fault may be available for widespread use in the very near future. New York state is preparing a study on a new device that people are calling the "textalyzer." The device will help police determine if a driver was texting at the time of an accident.

Explaining the Family Car Doctrine

Like many of those that we here at Miller, Rosnick, D’Amico, August and Butler, P.C. have helped in the past, your primary concern after having been involved in a car accident in Bridgeport is likely how you will be able to afford your injury expenses. If the other driver was at fault, then you may be able to recover beyond what his or her insurance company is willing to pay. Yet what if the other driver is a teen? He or she likely has little in the way of added resources. However, a unique legal doctrine that Connecticut courts subscribe to may allow you to hold his or her parents liable.

The Family Car Doctrine states that the owner of a car can be held responsible for any damages that a family member causes with it.  That includes parents, spouses and children. The reasoning behind this doctrine is that a vehicle owner should not be entrusting it to one who may not exercise proper care in driving it. However, it does not automatically apply in all cases.

Trucking companies recruiting older drivers

As many hit the roads this summer to go on family vacations, Connecticut drivers should be aware that more and more of the big rigs on the road today are being driven by those older than retirement age. With long trips and heavy loads, some worry that this is leading to increased trucking accidents.

As CBS News reports, an analysis of accident data in 12 states showed that the number of truck accidents has risen 19 percent for drivers over the age of 70. With about 10 percent of the commercial drivers falling into the age range of 65 or older, this is of great concern. Due to a shortage of drivers in the industry, some trucking companies are specifically recruiting drivers who are old enough to retire but do not have the income available to do so. This has critics worrying that many of the drivers on the road do not have the stamina it takes to make the long trips, but anti-discrimination laws make it possible for the trucking companies to make these hires. Aviation, on the other hand, does not allow pilots to continue flying commercial flights past the age of 65.

Introducing the attractive nuisance doctrine

Outside of Christmas and their birthdays, there may be no time of the year that your kids look forward to more than summer. With no school comes the added time to head outside and enjoy adventures with friends. Sadly, as some of the Bridgeport residents that we here at Miller, Rosnick, D’Amico, August and Butler, P.C. can attest to, such adventures sometime end in tragedy. Kids (especially young ones) often do not fully comprehend the dangers that features such as swimming pools, construction site, abandoned buildings and lakes or rivers can pose. If you are not there to protect, then who is responsible for their safety?  

Property owners are responsible for protecting visitors from any potential hazards that may exist on their lands. That may be much easier to do if they are aware of their presence. Yet take the example of an abandoned or currently unused building. If no one is ever around, who is to know if someone enters the property? If that someone is then injured, is the property owner still liable, even if he or she did not know that person was there?

Woman killed after being hit by drunk driver

Summertime may seem like the perfect time for people to enjoy riding on a motorcycle in Connecticut. For biker enthusiasts everywhere, summer is the season for this but it is also a key time for riders to pay special attention to watch for other drivers who may be under the influence of alcohol. Summertime celebrations may contribute to plenty of people driving on the road after consuming alcohol and this puts others at serious risk.

One man who is 35 years old is today in jail in lieu of posting his bail that was set at $100,000. The reason for his incarceration is his alleged involvement in causing a fatal crash that claimed the life of a 59-year-old woman. The incident occurred on weeknight while the woman was riding on a motorcycle with her husband. The other driver smashed into their bike, forcing both of the spouses to be taken to Yale-New Haven Hospital where the wife ultimately died. No details on the husband's condition are known.

Assigning liability in a truck accident

Imagine driving on any of the roads in or around Bridgeport and suddenly being struck by a large semi-truck. Given the massive size of such vehicles you can assume that such an accident would cause extensive damage to your vehicle, as well as cause significant injuries. Yet perhaps you, like many of the clients that we here at Miller, Rosnick, D’Amico, August & Butler, P.C. have worked with, have already experienced such a scenario. Depending on the extent of your accident expenses, you may be forced into the position of seeking compensation. The question then becomes who is liable: the truck driver or the trucking company?

Such a question is essentially rendered moot if the driver is an independent contractor. However, if he or she is employed by a commercial motor carrier service, then it must be determined what he or she was doing when the accident occurred. Say that he or she struck your vehicle while stopping off to visit a friend in the area. His or her employer could argue that such activity was not considered incident to his or her employment, thus absolving it of liability.

Car crash injuries are often very serious

The effects of a car crash can range from only property damage up to life-ending injuries. When a car slams into you, there are many factors that might impact the type of injury you suffer.

The speed of both vehicles, the type of collision, seat belt usage and a host of other factors all come into the picture. After the crash, you should evaluate yourself to determine if you are injured. In many cases, an evaluation by a doctor would be appropriate, even if you don't feel like there is anything seriously wrong.

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