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Technology tries to solve the problem of drunk driving

Connecticut drivers know that getting behind the wheel while drunk can lead to painful, or fatal, car accidents, yet drunk driving remains a problem nationwide. However, there have been new advances in technology that hope to make a dent in this problem.

As Geektime reports, an Israeli developer has created an app that can detect when a user is drunk without a breathalyzer. The app collects data on a user's movements in the background, running on a smartphone or wearable device constantly, so it has an indication of how the user normally walks and moves while sober. Using this data, it can detect changes in the user's movements when he or she has had too much to drink. So far they have been able to predict with 93 percent accuracy. This is still in production, but the developer hopes to use the information and communicate with the car to tell it not to start when the user has been drinking too much.

Connecticut's accident fatalities growing

If you are like many residents in Connecticut, one of the ways by which you measure the quality of life in your area is how safe you feel that you and your family are. This safety can include many things including being protected against negligent drivers. This is one reason that things like speed limits and drunk driving laws are so important. While there are definite laws in place to address these and other actions, sadly they are not enough to prevent all accidents.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Connecticut has been experiencing an increase in the number of vehicular fatalities across the state. From 2012 to 2013, a jump from 264 to 284 was followed by one year of a decline to 248. Sadly, the subsequent two years have seen that number grow first to 270 in 2015 and then to 293 in 2016. These deaths include not only drivers and passengers but pedestrians as well. In 2013, there were 37 pedestrians killed statewide. Last year, 54 people on foot lost their lives in Connecticut.

Protecting kids in accidents goal of new law

Most people who have young children in Connecticut know how strong the urge to protect them can be. However, not everyone always agrees on what steps are involved in properly protecting kids. This is one reason that the law sometimes becomes important as it can be the reason that parents do what is necessary to keep their children safe, including when automobile accidents happen.

A new law that went into effect October 1, 2017 is an example of this. Connecticut has adopted new laws about what type of child restraints must be used and when. The stipulations of the new law indicate that any initial violation would be an infraction and subsequent violations may result in financial penalties.

Data inconclusive on Uber's effects on drunk driving

Many Connecticut drivers fear being hit by a drunk driver, and the existence of Uber and Lyft has left some feeling relieved. Yet studies on the effects of ride-sharing services have not found consensus on whether or not the existence of these apps has actually lowered rates of drunk driving.

As Fortune reports, a 2016 study found that after looking at data for more than 100 large metro areas across the country, there was no associated drop in traffic deaths following the introduction of these services. The researchers from the University of Southern California and Oxford University studied traffic fatality data from before and after these apps came to the communities and did not see a drop in deaths due to alcohol-related car accidents or fatalities in car accidents generally. This is in sharp contrast to the results of a 2015 study conducted by Uber in connection with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which found that California markets saw 60 fewer accidents each month from drivers under the age of 30.

Accident reporting requirements

If you have ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Connecticut, you know how upsetting this can be. Even the most minor fender bender can leave you feeling shaky and unsure of what you are supposed to do. Even if you are able to remember some basics like sharing information with and collecting information from the other driver, you may not have given thought to filing an accident report. However, there are some rules about when this should be done and it is something you should be aware of.

According to AAA, every state has its own set of rules as to when you must file an accident report. There are also guidelines as to the timeframe in which you have to make your report. In Connecticut, any crash that causes some property damage of at least $1,000 must be report to authorities. You are required to report the crash within five days from the date on which it occurred.

School children at risk from distracted drivers

With Connecticut children heading back to school, many parents are concerned with a new study that finds children are often most at risk by distracted drivers when they are heading to and from school.

As CBS News reports, a new study found that one in three drivers displays unsafe driving while in a school zone. Combined with the findings that 88 percent of drivers use their phone while on the road, this creates a very risky environment for children trying to safely get to and from school. 

See a doctor if you have these symptoms after a crash

In Connecticut, many drivers feel confident they are ok after a minor car accident. Yet there are injuries that can take time to present themselves, and some of these can turn into real health concerns.

As KTAR News explains, injuries such as concussions are not always immediately apparent. If a person is experiencing altered cognition, memory loss, changes in personality or suffering from headaches, he or she should get checked out by a medical professional, as traumatic brain injuries can be fatal. In fact, although headaches are a common problem following a car crash, they can mask several more serious issues resulting from an accident, like a blot clot in the brain, and should be taken seriously.

Drunk driver hits officer

Connecticut residents know that should they ever been hit by a drunk driver, they can look to police officers or other members of law enforcement to help them and their loved ones. However, it is also important to know that these same people who are tasked with helping others can also themselves be the ones injured or killed by negligent drivers.

This is precisely what happened recently along a stretch of Route 69 near Gaylord Mountain Road. A Connecticut state trooper was in the process of working with another driver who had been stopped by the trooper. While sitting in his squad car with the police lights actively flashing, he felt the impact of another vehicle. A drunk driver operating a passenger sedan hit the state trooper's vehicle in the rear and on the side.

Motorcycle safety should be a priority while you ride

For some, motorcycle ownership is a sign of freedom and fearlessness. Riding down the open road, open to the elements, can be one of the most exhilarating feelings you can experience. However, riding through Bridgeport traffic is probably not so nice. You may have found yourself having to dodge the occasional SUV, commercial trucks and sedans. While that sense of freedom may be the main reason your purchased your bike, it is important to maintain a certain level of safety as well to avoid a motorcycle accident.

When a car and a motorcycle are involved in a collision, the motorcycle usually does not win. Without the protection of doors and a roof, your injuries will be much more severe than those of a driver. While it is not always possible to avoid an accident with a negligent driver, the following motorcycle safety tips may help.

What are dram shop laws?

You know that drunk drivers are out there, yet like most, you probably never anticipate encountering one on the streets of Bridgeport. However, if and when sucn an encounter results in a collision, the results can often be devastating, with you and your passengers suffering serious injuries (or even death), and your vehicle sustaining extensive damage. Unquestionably, the irresponsible actions of the driver are to blame for your predicament. Yet could you also hold those who contributed to his or her drunken state liable as well? 

As you already know, there are many local establishments legally licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. While their business is to service their patrons, they do not compel those customers to imbibe. Therefore, how could they be held responsible for one's decision to get behind the wheel after drinking? A legal concept known as dram shop laws assigns that responsibility to them. 

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