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Must your employer carry workers’ compensation insurance?

| Apr 21, 2017 | Firm News, Personal Injury Claims |

You rely on your employer in Bridgeport for quite a lot, from compensating you with a salary to providing you with safe conditions in which to work in. Yet what if you get injured at work? Like most, you might automatically assume that workers’ compensation benefits will cover your injury expenses. However, what happens if your employer tells you that it does not carry such coverage?

The first thing to know is that by not offering such coverage, your employer may be in violation of the law. According to information shared by the National Federation of Independent Business, Connecticut state law requires that all companies employing more than one person must provide employees access to workers compensation coverage. There are only two exceptions to this rule: First, if your company self-ensures, then it does not have to carry coverage through a third party provider. In this case, you would receive benefits through your company’s own internal plan, thus giving you the added funds you need. The second exception is if you are a household employee that works less than 26 hours per week.

If your company is required to carry workers’ compensation coverage yet does not, it could be subject to penalties. That may do little to help you, however, in affording your injury expenses. In such a case, your only recourse may be to sue your employer. Through such action, you may actually be able to recover more than you would through a workers’ compensation claim, such as non-economic damages. Recovering such damages, however, may take much longer than it would with a standard workers compensation claim. Please remember that the information given here should not be taken as legal advice. It may, however, provide you with the funds you need in the absence of workers’ compensation coverage.