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See a doctor if you have these symptoms after a crash

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

In Connecticut, many drivers feel confident they are ok after a minor car accident. Yet there are injuries that can take time to present themselves, and some of these can turn into real health concerns.

As KTAR News explains, injuries such as concussions are not always immediately apparent. If a person is experiencing altered cognition, memory loss, changes in personality or suffering from headaches, he or she should get checked out by a medical professional, as traumatic brain injuries can be fatal. In fact, although headaches are a common problem following a car crash, they can mask several more serious issues resulting from an accident, like a blot clot in the brain, and should be taken seriously.

Internal bleeding is another concern following an accident and can be fatal. If a person in a crash is noticing abdominal swelling or sees bruises forming on the chest or stomach that are deep purple they should seek medical attention. Dizziness and fainting can also be signs of internal bleeding, and this can show up in the hours or days following a car crash.

Although it can take weeks or months to become apparent, post-traumatic stress disorder is a common result of a crash. According to the Journal Sentinel, any traumatic event can cause PTSD, including a car accident. For those who find themselves having difficulty sleeping in the weeks following a car crash, who have flashbacks to the accident and avoid getting in the car because of the sense of panic that results, seeking medical attention can make a huge difference. PTSD can be treated, and the stress can become manageable with professional help.