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State sees Thanksgiving jump in speeding, crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

When the holidays arrive, many people take to the road as their way of getting to friends’ or family members’ homes in Connecticut to share in the celebrations. This can be an efficient and affordable means of travel for people, especially for families that may not otherwise be able to afford to make the trek to be with their loved ones at these times. Unfortunately this opens up the possibility that instead of safely reaching relatives’ or their own homes, people in vehicles will be involved in one of the many crashes that seem to happen when the roads get busy.

According to the Connecticut State Police, the number of vehicle accidents that happened over the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday weekend was substantially more than the number recorded over the same period just one year before. In 2016, the Thanksgiving weekend saw 392 wrecks across the state. This year, there were 524 total crashes. In these incidents, two people’s lives were lost, leaving their family members to grieve at a time that should be about celebrating and giving thanks.

A total of 70 of the accidents resulted in injuries this year. Data also shows that more speeding citations were issued in 2017 versus 2016 over the holiday weekend with a total of 1,010 tickets as compared to 896 in 2016.

When Connecticut residents are put in the unnecessary position of losing their loved ones due to another driver’s recklessness, they might find talking with a lawyer a good way of learning their options for compensation.

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