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Collapsed bridge highlights work in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury Claims |

It would be hard for any resident in Connecticut to not have heard about the tragedy in Florida in which a bridge under construction collapsed, injuring and killing people below it. While work continues into the investigation as to what went wrong with this bridge, it is important for area residents to know that one company involved in that bridge’s development has and is very involved in work on multiple bridges throughout Connecticut.

Also important to know is that FIGG Bridge Group has been fined in the past for negligence on a bridge project in Virginia that resulted in injuries. While the Connecticut Department of Transportation asserts that all bridges in the state on which FIGG Bridge Group is or has been involved are safe, citizens have a right to know where these projects are located. They include the Gold Star Memorial Bridge that connects Groton and New Longon, the Moses Wheeler Bridge on Interstate 95 that connects Stratford and Milford and the Pearl Harbor Bridge in New Haven.

The company is also involved in repairs to various portions of the interchange where Interstate 84 meets Route 2 near East Hartford. No reports of failures or violations in Connecticut are identified at this time.

Learning about the activities of companies involved in public transportation projects by talking with an attorney might give Connecticut residents ideas about how to seek compensation if they are ever involved in an incident involving those roads or bridges. 

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