Effective Accident Claim

Effective Accident Claim

Spring driving means that everyone needs to be very careful

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Spring in Connecticut is a wonderful time to enjoy driving. You can see the trees starting to return to the beautiful green that will adorn them all summer and the weather is nicer than it has been in months. If you are going to head out for a drive to enjoy nature’s beauty, you should make sure that you are ready to do so safely.

There are specific dangers that you need to be ready to face when you are driving during the spring. Keeping these in mind might help you to stay safe and avoid potential problems.

Spring’s increase in wildlife

During the springtime, wild animals are more likely to be active. Some of these animals are just coming out of hibernation. This means they are out hunting for food and getting back into the swing of the warmer months. For some animals, the spring is mating season, which makes them much more active as they run around trying to find and impress a mate.

Thawing and rain

Thawing snow and ice, as well as rain, mean that the roadways are prone to flooding. In addition to the risk of floods, there is also the issue of water washing the surface of oil and other substances off the road. When the surfaces first get wet, they are slick until they are completely diluted. This can make it hard to keep control of a vehicle, especially a motorcycle. Additionally, wet pavement means it will take more time to stop, so all drivers must be vigilant about distances.

Potholes and craters

Winter conditions are hard on the roads. As you drive around in the spring, you may find potholes that look like craters. These can easily cause damage to your vehicle, but also pose hazards from a safety standpoint. Cars and trucks trying to avoid potholes might swerve into the paths of other vehicles.

Motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians

The milder weather also brings out people who are walking, biking and riding motorcycles. All drivers need to be aware of these individuals so that they don’t cause an accident.

Nobody can control the actions of other drivers on the road. This means that you might be involved in an accident even if you are driving safely. In these cases, make sure that you seek medical care and report the accident in the appropriate manner.