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Domino effect in multi-vehicle crash on freeway

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Certainly travelling at night in Connecticut can create some different level of risk on the road due to the natural limited amount of light available as well as to the fact that drivers might become tired when on the road. However, one might also think that nighttime travel may have a unique aspect of safety as there may be fewer vehicles on the road at the same time. This may be true but it may not be enough to avoid a serious crash.

On a recent night in basically the middle of the night, a stretch of Interstate 95 in West Haven become quite the accident scene. Upon approaching a construction zone, a semi truck driver failed to slow down or stop as did the vehicles in front of the truck. Instead, the driver plowed into the back of a passenger car which in turn was pushed into a semi truck in front of it. Two other semi trucks ended up being involved in the collision as well.

The driver of the car and one of the truckers were seriously injured in the wreck. So far, the trucker who caused the crash has only been cited for not maintaining a reasonable distance between vehicles and for driving too fast for the conditions.

After being hit by a trucker who fails to operate their rig safely, people in Connecticut might find it useful to discuss their compensation options with a lawyer.

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