Effective Accident Claim

Effective Accident Claim

It may take days to notice injuries after a car accident

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Car wrecks devastate victims for many reasons. They must handle the financial aftermath of property damage and often address devastating injuries as well.

There are several injuries that can occur in a car crash. These are directly related to the type of accident and the speed of the vehicles. While many are obvious at the scene, other injuries aren’t noticeable until hours or days after the crash.

Head and neck injuries

Many injuries that occur to the head and neck aren’t going to be noticeable right away. Whiplash, for example, usually takes a day or two to become evident. You will likely experience neck stiffness and pain when you try to move your head. A head injury that stems from a hit to the head might cause a headache within a couple of days after the crash.

Spinal cord and back injuries

Soreness and lack of range of motion in your back can signal that you were injured in this area. When there is any pain in the back or anything that makes you think that you might have suffered a spinal cord injury, you shouldn’t move or be moved unless it is necessary for safety’s sake. Medical professionals will have the tools to move you safely.

Broken bones

A broken bone is an injury that will be easily noticed at the scene of the accident. The only exception is if the fracture is small and causes little to no pain. Some broken bones result in severe pain and obvious deformities in the impacted limb or digit. If you notice any pain or see any bruises in an area that you think might be fractured, having an evaluation is a good idea.

Abdominal injuries

Injuries to the abdomen can lead to internal bleeding. This is a life-threatening situation that might not be noticed right away. If you have dizziness or fainting after the crash, emergency medical treatment is in order. You might notice purple bruises on large areas of the body, especially across your midsection.

Other injuries, such as emotional trauma are also possible. You must ensure that you are getting the medical care you need after the crash. Seeking compensation might also be in order to help you recover some of the financial damages.