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Driver rescued from flaming car by homeless men

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2018 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Roadway accidents in Connecticut involving both cars and trucks sometimes result in lost lives. This could also have been true in the case of a collision in California between a sedan and an 18-wheeler that had lost control. Nevertheless, the driver of the sedan is alive today thanks to the heroic actions of two homeless men who pulled him from the flaming wreckage of his vehicle.

The cause of the accident is unclear but, according to reports, the runaway big rig crashed into the small sedan and pushed it, stuck to the big rig’s bumper, for 150 yards along Highway 1 in Santa Cruz, California last Tuesday. The sedan burst into flames upon coming to a halt after striking several other vehicles. The noise of the explosion attracted the attention of men living in a nearby homeless camp, at least four of whom rushed to the scene to see how they could help. Two men hurried to the burning vehicle to see if they could render assistance to the driver, while another two men helped to calm a group of school children on a field trip who were also at the scene, as well as aiding authorities with traffic control.

Upon reaching the burning vehicle, the two men found the driver unresponsive. They cut his seatbelt upon finding that it was stuck and would not release on its own. They pulled the driver out and carried him to the curb in a maneuver that took only two to three minutes according to another witness who attempted to douse the flames with a fire extinguisher.

Though the driver of the sedan survives due to the actions of the two men, he remains in critical condition, and his prognosis is unknown. Accidents with trucks can cause serious damage, and people who have sustained property damage or injury in such an accident may wish to consult an attorney.