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December 2018 Archives

Bold move made to curb drunk driving

For nearly four decades, residents in Connecticut have been exposed to a strong increase in education about the dangers of drunk driving. Mothers Against Drunk Driving was founded in 1980 and, since then, many other groups and law enforcement agencies have worked together to get the message out that drinking and driving really do not mix.

Injuries and death result from Connecticut head-on collision

The cause of an automobile accident may be evident in some cases. In other cases, an investigation leads to a reasonable conclusion as to the cause. Sometimes, however, authorities remain puzzled as to the cause of a motor vehicle accident. Such is the case for a head-on collision that left one driver dead and another injured late Sunday evening in West Haven, Connecticut on the Boston Post Road. Authorities have determined that one of the vehicles crossed the center line but are unclear as to which one and are currently asking any witnesses to the accident to come forward with whatever further information they may have. 

Concussions must be handled swiftly and can take time to heal

The force of impact in a car wreck can lead to traumatic brain injuries, even when the victim doesn't hit their head. While this isn't the only incident that can lead to a brain injury, it is one of the more common ones that do. Sometimes, a concussion is the injury that occurs.

What is the cell phone law in Connecticut?

Driving while distracted is a huge issue in Connecticut. State lawmakers often create laws to combat serious issues such as this. One of the top causes of distracted driving these days is the use of cell phones. Cell phones are very distracting. You may think glancing down for a couple seconds cannot possibly cause any problems, but taking your eyes away from the road for just a brief time increases your chances of getting into an accident. Most accidents happen in a matter of seconds, so every second counts when it comes to staying safe.

Hang glider pilot's error leads to tourist's injuries

When people in Connecticut attempt potentially dangerous recreational activities, such as hang gliding, they should reasonably expect the experts to take every precaution to keep them safe. However, a Florida man on vacation in Switzerland had to hold on for dear life and sustained multiple injuries when his hang glider pilot failed to properly secure his harness to the hang glider.

Drugs and alcohol holiday accident risks

People who live in Connecticut know that the time between the middle of November and the start of January tends to be filled with a myriad of parties, family gatherings and other holiday celebrations. Alcohol tends to be served at a large portion of these activities which can increase the number of drivers on the roads who had consumed alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel. It appears anymore that alcohol may not be the only problem people should be aware of.

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