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Injuries and death result from Connecticut head-on collision

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

The cause of an automobile accident may be evident in some cases. In other cases, an investigation leads to a reasonable conclusion as to the cause. Sometimes, however, authorities remain puzzled as to the cause of a motor vehicle accident. Such is the case for a head-on collision that left one driver dead and another injured late Sunday evening in West Haven, Connecticut on the Boston Post Road. Authorities have determined that one of the vehicles crossed the center line but are unclear as to which one and are currently asking any witnesses to the accident to come forward with whatever further information they may have.

The driver of one of the vehicles was male while the other was female. Neither vehicle contained any other occupants. Law enforcement officers responding to reports of an accident with injuries arranged transportation for both drivers to the hospital. The male driver received treatment for injuries and is reportedly in stable condition, but the female driver died after arriving at the hospital.

Many details about the accident are still unavailable as the investigation continues. Law enforcement does not know which driver crossed the center line; therefore, what could have caused him or her to do so remains a mystery at this time as well. There has been no mention of alcohol or drugs as a factor in the crash, and authorities have not yet released the identities of either driver to the public.

Because neither the legal system nor drivers are infallible, individuals who have sustained injuries or lost loved ones as the result of a car accident may wish to speak with an attorney.