Effective Accident Claim

Effective Accident Claim

Signs it’s time to head to the emergency room after an accident

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Accidents are sudden, and their impacts are not always immediately clear. In the aftermath, even if you feel fine, symptoms can develop that need prompt medical attention. Understanding when to seek emergency care can be crucial to the recovery process. 

Severe pain or discomfort

Feeling severe pain or discomfort after an accident usually lets you know that something isn’t right. You don’t want to ignore these personal injury signs, especially:

  • Abdominal pain can be an indicator of internal bleeding.
  • Headaches or neck stiffness might suggest a concussion or other serious condition. 
  • Blurred vision, seeing spots, or hearing ringing or loss of hearing can indicate head injuries or brain trauma. 

Changes in physical function or sensation

If you notice any changes in your mobility or sensations after an accident, these are serious. They include difficulty moving any part of your body, sudden dizziness, or problems with balance and coordination. These symptoms can develop slowly, and you might not notice them until after the adrenaline from the accident wears off.

Loss of sensation or tingling in limbs can also be a sign of nerve damage or a spinal injury. It’s a common consequence after a car accident, and they’re the leading causes of spinal injuries. In fact, 37.5% of all spinal injuries in the United States were from vehicle crashes. 

Confusion or altered mental state

A change in mental state or behavior is a significant indicator that something might be wrong. It can include confusion, difficulty remembering recent events, or feeling unusually tired. Such symptoms could stem from a brain injury or other severe conditions. It’s critical not to overlook these changes, as they can escalate quickly.

Keeping safety in focus

In the unsettling moments following an accident, it’s crucial to stay attuned to what your body is telling you. Maintaining vigilance safeguards your health and ensures any hidden injuries get caught before they develop into more serious conditions.