Effective Accident Claim

Effective Accident Claim

Case Results

$4.5 Million

Workers Compensation Settlement.

$3 Million

Award to Injured Worker.

$3 Million

Trucking Firm reaches $3 million settlement.

$2.5 Million

Jury Awards $2.5 million in a Wrongful Death Case.

$2.45 Million

Contested liability construction site accident. 


Awarded on behalf of a young man who suffered life ending injury when his vehicle collided with a transport vehicle. 

$2 Million

Awarded on behalf of construction laborer injured at work and left paralyzed below the waist.

$1 Million

Jury awards Oxford man $1 million in crash case.

$1 Million

Woman gets $1M settlement in car crash.

$1 Million

Award upheld for Ex-Trooper.


Awarded to 35 year old male involved in an auto accident that required a spinal fusion surgery.


Recovered for 42 year old female housekeeper who immigrated from Brazil.


Workman Gets $660,000 for Broken Leg.


Recovery – 45 year old landscaper injured in car crash who underwent two (2) neck surgeries.


Settlement – A charging dog caused client to suffer a fractured ankle that required surgery.


Settlement – 22 year old suffered a traumatic brain injury.


Secured for police officer injured by the negligent actions of his partner during a high-speed chase.


Jury Awards $388,000 to Woman.


Settlement – a Bridgeport electrician who underwent three (3) shoulder surgeries following a car crash.


64 year old man fell on ice outside his apartment.


Head-on motor vehicle accident resulting in injuries to the cervical spine.


Settlement – 65 year old fell at a marina causing an aggravation of a prior knee replacement surgery.


Slip and fall on ice in the parking lot of a local restaurant resulting in knee injury. Settlement was reached after mediation.


55-year-old woman was rear- ended on the Merritt Parkway In December 2015.


Tire Dealer Awarded from Jury.


81 year-old man fell on black ice on the sidewalk in Milford, in February 2017.


Slip and fall on handicap ramp outside of a local grocery store resulting in knee injury.


Confidential Settlement.


52 year old woman fell over a box on the floor in her office building.


Settlement against commercial property owner and elevator company for defective elevator door.


Injury to the lower extremities after employee fell in the course and scope of his employment.


Jury finds fault with Stew Leonard’s.


Woman fell at ice skating rink off raised platform causing a fracture of the right humorous that required surgery.


Woman fell in commercial parking lot causing a knee injury that required surgical intervention


Slip and Fall on ice at the front steps of the Plaintiff’s apartment resulting in a fracture of the right foot.
Judge Rules Restaurant Can Stay.
Successful defense of local restaurant Ralph N Rich’s in a two-year trial during which the developer/landlord was attempting to evict the restaurant from its leased space.
Successful defense and court ordered reinstatement of local police officer, whom the municipality was attempting to terminate for alleged non-disclosed medical issues.
Significant Confidential Settlement – Husband-and-wife driving to their ski condo in Killington, Vermont.