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Pedestrians deserve to be safe

With the return of warmer days in Connecticut often also comes more people out and about on foot. This change can be a good time for everyone to be reminded of the need to be safe while on foot among traffic. The ability to stay safe does fall to both pedestrians and drivers alike. 

When thinking of pedestrians, it might be natural to first think about the people that get out and walk or jog for exercise and certainly these pedestrians are important and deserve to be safe while out doing something good for their health. But, as noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, everyone at some point is a pedestrian. The mere act of walking from a parked car into a store or office building, for example, puts a person in the position of being a pedestrian among vehicles. This fact takes pedestrian safety to a whole new level.

Consumer readiness for autonomous cars wavers

Most people in Connecticut are aware of the seemingly great rush on the part of automotive manufactuers and technology companies alike to further the emergence of autonomous vehicles on American roads. No longer are these companies content to simply add some self-driving features in human-driven vehicles. Instead the vision is to have completely self-driven vehicles a normal part of life across the country. 

For some time, consumers have showed different levels of concern about this change but as more reports of accidents involving autonomous vehicles have surfaced, the willingness of the average American to trust these cars may be waning when manufacturers need it to go the other way.

Lawsuit highlights concerns for consumers

People in Connecticut who purchase goods should be able to trust that they are safe to use. This holds true regardless of the nature of the product or where it was purchased. They should also be able to know that they have access to compensation should a problem arise especially if that problem leaves a person injured or, even worse, killed. Sadly this can at times feel more difficult than most consumers might wish.

CNBC recently reported on the latest case in which a consumer took on the online retail giant, Amazon, after experiencing a serious incident caused by a defective product purchased from the company. The case is actually highlighting a potential gap in consumer protection where it appears this particular company is receiving support from the courts that is out of whack with the support consumers might feel they deserve. The treatment of this company is also not in line with the treatment of other companies and tragically it is the consumer that may stand to lose in this issue.

How do you prove negligence in a personal injury?

Whether you are hurt in a car accident, at work or through another event due to the negligence of another, getting the medical attention you deserve sometimes requires legal action. Medical care is expensive, even if you have insurance. Depending on your injuries, you may need major surgery or long-term rehabilitation. Most people do not have the kind of insurance that covers 100 percent of their care, so you could be looking at paying some hefty bills.

To hold someone or some business responsible by law, you must prove that it was their negligence that led to your injuries, according to FindLaw. There are four elements to establish in a negligence case, which are noted below.

Distracted drivers are hazardous to others on the road

Drivers who are on the road have to be able to give their full attention to their driving duties. When they don't, everyone else around them is at risk of being involved in an accident. One of the best ways that drivers can prevent these tragedies is to simply leave everything except driving alone.

One of the biggest distractions that drivers face is their cellphones. Using them takes more than just one of the systems that the body needs to drive safely. Even a short text can cause serious problems.

No decision yet on charges for bus driver in fatal wreck

Moms and dads in Connecticut who send their children to school on school buses should do so with the trust and the knowledge that the people who are hired to drive these vehicles are properly trained. This training should not only include how to logistically maneuver a large school bus but also on the importance of doing so with extreme caution due to the responsibility they have when transporting so many people's children.

Sadly it seems that at least one school bus driver was not trained in this manner. With seeming disregard for the lives on the bus being operated, a driver flipped a u-turn that was not even legal in an attempt to reverse course and get off of a freeway at the correct exit. The incident occured in New Jersey along a stretch of Interstate 80. The result of this decision was catastrophic yet so far no criminal charges have been filed against the bus driver.

Memorial Day accident risks

If you or someone in your family is planning to hop in the car for a road trip over the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend, you may well be a bit concerned about keeping everyone safe while on the road. Your concerns are understandable as holiday times have sadly become known for accidents that not only interfere with fun events but that leave people with serious injuries or struggling to understand the loss of a loved one.

The financial site Value Penguin took a look at records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that provided information about how many people are killed in motor vehicle accidents during major holiday weekends. These weekends included the New Year's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Labor Day, Fourth of July and Memorial Day holidays. Out of all seven of these event times, it was Memorial Day that stood out as the deadliest on U.S. roads and highways.

What are the dangers of an Airbnb rental?

Airbnb is becoming a popular way to find accommodations when traveling in Connecticut. In case you are unfamiliar with it, this company coordinates stays in people's private homes for guests. Instead of staying at a hotel, you would book a stay with someone offering their home through this platform. It is popular for many reasons, among which is it can save you money. However, there is a downside to Airbnb rentals, which is the liability the homeowner takes on and the risks that you might face during your stay.

Unlike a hotel, an Airbnb rental is not as highly regulated. There are no security or safety checks done. This opens the door to many potential issues. As Time explains, there are multiple safety concerns that Airbnb renters never even think about because they are things you would likely take for granted. 

Domino effect in multi-vehicle crash on freeway

Certainly travelling at night in Connecticut can create some different level of risk on the road due to the natural limited amount of light available as well as to the fact that drivers might become tired when on the road. However, one might also think that nighttime travel may have a unique aspect of safety as there may be fewer vehicles on the road at the same time. This may be true but it may not be enough to avoid a serious crash.

On a recent night in basically the middle of the night, a stretch of Interstate 95 in West Haven become quite the accident scene. Upon approaching a construction zone, a semi truck driver failed to slow down or stop as did the vehicles in front of the truck. Instead, the driver plowed into the back of a passenger car which in turn was pushed into a semi truck in front of it. Two other semi trucks ended up being involved in the collision as well.

Learn about different types of common car crashes

Car crashes happen suddenly and can lead to serious injuries or even death. All drivers need to make sure that they are taking steps to avoid being in an accident. Understanding some of the most common types might help with this.

Car crashes don't usually happen when both drivers involved were being safe. Instead, a reckless or negligent driver is often involved. This means that even if you are obeying the rules of the road, there is a chance that you will be involved in a crash due to the conduct of someone else. Here are a few types of common accidents to know about:

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