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What is an attractive nuisance?

Children are curious, but their curiosity can sometimes lead them into potentially dangerous situations that they may not fully understand. If you are a parent or property owner, or if you are a Connecticut parent who also owns some property, you need to be aware of attractive nuisances that may be lurking on nearby property, including your own.

According to FindLaw, an attractive nuisance is something potentially dangerous that a child would find interesting enough to venture onto someone else's property or investigate without permission. Examples of attractive nuisances include paths and stairs, wells and tunnels, machinery (e.g., a lawnmower) and water features such as fountains or swimming pools. 

Plea deal in drunk driving death

People in Connecticut may well have a stereotype in their minds about the type of person who is arrested for drunk driving. While certainly, anyone who consumes alcohol and then drives a vehicle may theoretically be a drunk driver, there is a standard view of this person and sometimes a case comes along that only reinforces that stereotype. In fact, it often makes people feel there is a reason that such a stereotype exists in the first place.

One example of this can be seen in a case in which a drunk driver killed a college student five years ago. According to a report from, the intoxicated driver is currently serving a sentence for robbery that will keep him incarcerated for 10 years. It is not known when that sentence was handed down and if the robbery was at all involved in the events of the night that claimed the student's life.

When could I pursue a wrongful death lawsuit?

Traffic accidents rank among the deadliest risks that Connecticut residents face on a regular basis. The incidence of these events is high and their potential outcomes are disastrous. With all of this in mind, you might feel that the criminal court system takes car accident deaths too lightly — and you would not be alone. You could pursue such a matter in the civil courts up to two years after the fatal collision took place, in most cases.  

There are multiple reasons that many victims' families file wrongful death cases in addition to the state's criminal charges. Your own situation would probably resonate with at least one of these examples:

  • Criminal decisions often do little to secure the survivors' futures.
  • Plea bargaining and other negotiations tend to allow criminal defendants to accept relatively mild censure in exchange for concessions.
  • State's attorneys' investigations do not fall under the victims' families' control. 

Many injuries can show up after a car wreck

The injuries that occur in a car crash can be very serious because of the way the body reacts to the impact. These vary depending on what happens during the wreck. One thing that remains the same throughout all car accident cases is that the victims will likely need medical care.

What may help after a car wreck is to know in advance some of the possible injuries that can happen. You must be on the lookout for signs of these so that you know when you should seek medical care.

Distracted driving gets attention

For some time now, residents in Connecticut have heard reports about the dangers of distracted driving. Similar to campaigns created that were designed to combat drunk driving, today efforts are often targeted at the new kid on the risk block - distracted driving.

The Hartford Courant reported that in the summer of 2018, the United States government even provided financial assistance to the state of Connecticut so that the state could pay for additional law enforcement officers during a targeted distracted driving crackdown campaign. This campaign was launched with a broad focus on any activity that might cause a driver to be distracted, not just the illegal use of a mobile phone or other electronic device.

Woman sentenced in deadly crash

Residents in Connecticut know that a single motor vehicle accident may be caused or influenced by a wide variety of factors. These may include things that drivers have little control over like inclement weather, obstructions in the roadway or even faulty vehicle parts. Other factors are completely within the control of at least one driver or person involved. One example of this is a drunk driving accident where the impaired driver could have made other choices.

The Burlington County Times recently reported on the outcome of a criminal case against a woman for her involvement in a fatal crash that killed two people. After an initial trial that ended in a mistrial, a second trial was initiated. This one ended with the determination that the wreck was something completely avoidable had the defendant not taken the actions that she did.

Airbag safety and concerns

If you are like many people in Connecticut, you are interested in features for your vehicle that can keep you or your loved ones safe in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Airbags are one safety feature that have been around for some time now and it is important that you understand how they may help you and how they may even hurt you.

As explained by Cars Direct, the rate of deployment of an airbag in a motor vehicle may be up to 200 miles per hour. Understanding this underscores why people are routinely instructed not to position their seats too close to the steering wheel or to the front dash on the passenger side. It is also why children are instructed to sit in the back seat versus in the front seat, including youngers in rear-facing car seats. A person who sits very close to an airbag that deploys may be at risk for whiplash, a concussion or even injuries to the chest. 

Family of man killed in crash seeking damages

Connecticut residents who must experience the pain of losing a loved one in a car accident due to the negligence of others may often wonder what type of recourse they have. Certainly there is no way they can bring their loved ones back but it may be possible to seek some form of compensation for their losses. That is precisely what the family of one man is doing today.

As reported by the Hartford Courant, a man was driving his car after visiting his late wife's grave when he was suddently struck from behind by a speeding driver who was drunk and even had traces of drugs in her system. The woman who hit him was driving at more than 80 miles per hour in a 45-mile-per-hour zone. Her blood alcohol content at the time is said to have been 0.26 percent, more than three times the legal limit. Toxicology reports also identified an antidepressant and painkillers in her body.

Fall driving safety tips: Do you know what to do?

As one of our Connecticut readers, you know that the fall season is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. There's something about the cooler weather and changing of the leaves that can put a smile on your face.

As hot summer temperatures give way to the fall season, it's imperative to adjust your driving style. Doing so goes a long way in helping prevent an accident that can cause damage to your vehicle and a variety of injuries.

Heart attack causes accident

Connecticut residents know that car accidents may be caused by a variety of things. An unfortunate number of crashes can be attributed to the negligence or poor decision-making on the part of drivers. In some situations, environmental factors such as ice or fog may contribute to a wreck. In still other incidents, a root cause might be something that nobody could have either predicted or prevented.

An example of this type of accident happened recently in East Windsor. NBC Connecticut reports that the incident took place on a weekday morning at the location of a vehicle auction. A group of people were standing outside and at least one other man was in a car. All of a sudden another vehicle hit the man in the car and several pedestrians

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