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Heart attack causes accident

Connecticut residents know that car accidents may be caused by a variety of things. An unfortunate number of crashes can be attributed to the negligence or poor decision-making on the part of drivers. In some situations, environmental factors such as ice or fog may contribute to a wreck. In still other incidents, a root cause might be something that nobody could have either predicted or prevented.

An example of this type of accident happened recently in East Windsor. NBC Connecticut reports that the incident took place on a weekday morning at the location of a vehicle auction. A group of people were standing outside and at least one other man was in a car. All of a sudden another vehicle hit the man in the car and several pedestrians

The impact of brain injury on your memory

Connecticut residents who have been involved in an auto crash may be left dealing with the aftermath for weeks, months, or even years. Some of these potential injuries could impact the brain, resulting in long or short term memory loss or difficulties.

APA PsycNET has a paper focused on hippocampal atrophy and its role in the degradation of memory as related to traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI. In this study, it was shown that the location of the atrophy or injury on the hippocampus could and did affect how memory was able to heal or progress. In specific, it showed that injury to the left side of the hippocampus had a stronger effect on the restoration of memory.

What is popcorn lung?

As a worker in Connecticut that has been dealing with industrial fumes and factory-quality air for a period of time, it's very possible that you may have developed health related problems because of it. One such issue that you may be familiar with is colloquially known as "popcorn lung", and can be quite detrimental to your health.

WebMD describes popcorn lung as a condition in which the lungs are damaged in some way by fumes or chemicals. This damage constricts airflow and limits your body's ability to get the oxygen it needs to function. The actual name of this illness is bronchiolitis obliterans, and it affects the smallest airways in your lungs. Inflammation will create scar tissue over time, shrinking the airways down and limiting their capacity to carry oxygen to the blood. Symptoms can manifest in many different ways but usually include wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest.

The deadly impact of a head-on collision

Connecticut drivers who get into head-on collisions could potentially be at a much greater risk than drivers who are involved in other types of collisions. Why is this? Simply put, despite the amount of safety dedicated to the front of the car, it's still one of the most vulnerable areas on a vehicle.

Defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a crash between two vehicles moving toward each other, head-on collisions can have some of the biggest and most devastating consequences for drivers. This is especially true if the crash takes place on a freeway, where speeds are usually excessively high and the damages can be doubled accordingly.

Are cars really getting safer?

If you are concerned about the risk of being involved in a vehicle accident, you are not alone. Many people in Connecticut share your concerns. As more work is done to advance the technology that goes into fully autonomous vehicles, many automotive manufacturers are including other features in human-driven cars that have some level of autonomous functioning. These features are designed to increase safety and reduce the chances of accidents from happening.

As explained by Consumer Reports, there are several different types of advanced safety features that may be offered with some new vehicles today. Some of these features are in the form of warnings to drivers and others are features that actively control a vehicle's movements or actions. An example of a warning feature is one that alerts a driver if they begin to leave their lane of travel. Other features may actively keep a vehicle in the original lane if leaving that lane would result in an accident. Automatic braking when moving forward or backward is another example of this type of feature.

Take proper steps after a motor vehicle wreck

The moments following a car wreck are very stressful. This is likely increased with the severity of the crash. Because you might not be able to think clearly, due to the adrenaline caused by the accident or even a hit to the head, you should have a clear plan for what needs to happen.

Your actions and words after the car wreck can have an impact on what happens in the future. For example, you shouldn't admit fault, even if you were the person who caused the incident. Here are some other points to remember if you are ever in this situation:

Domino-effect crash leaves one dead

For many people in Connecticut and around the nation, dealing with traffic jams has become just something that must be done on a regular basis. Like many things that become routine, it can be easy to forget that there may be dangers lurking in these seemingly mundane experiences. Even while vehicle speeds may be slow, an accident that occurs during a traffic slowdown can still end up causing great tragedies.

A case exemplifying this recently occurred along a stretch of Interstate 95 near the Exit 81 mark. As reported by NBC Connecticut, one driver did not stop before ramming into a stopped vehicle during a jam. The vehicle hit by the driver was then pushed into the vehicle in front of it in a domino style of sorts. All three of the drivers were injured but even worse is the fact that one other person was killed.

Is eating and drinking while driving dangerous?

Some of the most discussed causes of distracted driving involve texting or talking on the phone. But what about eating and drinking? At first glance, the act of taking a bite out of a sandwich or sipping a beverage would not pose a big impediment to driving on a Connecticut road. However, dividing your attention to eat or drink while driving can indeed be dangerous and can result in a motor vehicle accident.

According to, the act of eating and drinking in a motor vehicle can distract a person visually, cognitively, manually, or a combination of two or all of the three factors. When a motorist eats, he or she is not focused entirely on the road, so eating creates visual impairment. The act of picking up a sandwich or a burger takes one of your hands off the wheel, dividing your physical attention from controlling your vehicle. And as you eat or drink, you are splitting your mental attention between your meal and the road.

Holidays turned deadly due to drunk driving

Residents in Connecticut like their counterparts around the country often look forward to the Fourth of July with excitement. This holiday is not only a time for people to celebrate their country and its history but to enjoy being together in the lovely summertime when they can be outside and feel free in the warm sun. However, the feeling of freedom that can accompany an outdoor summer get-together can be all but forgotten when a loved one is killed at the hands of a negligent drunk driver.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, both July 3 and July 4 ranked in the top 10 deadliest days on American roads over a period of five years spanning from 2010 through 2014. Vox reports that in that time period, 533 people died in automotive accidents on July 3. Of those, 219 died due to drunk drivers. On those five Independence Days, a total of 592 vehicular fatalities were recorded, 278 of which were attributed to alcohol.

Not all impacts of a car crash are physical

A car crash may lead to several injuries, and not all of them physical. While spinal cord or brain injures are common and can be severe, emotional trauma is often a tragic part of the fallout, too. After experiencing any of these devastating impacts after an accident, it is natural to initially feel despair about the "new normal" you may have to accept.

Many people don't realize that there are very serious mental impacts that can come with these crashes. It is hard to realize the depths of hopelessness that are commonly felt. Here are some important points to remember about the emotional impacts following auto accidents:

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