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Head-on collision kills Rockville woman

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

One of the more common news items that may emerge following a car accident in Bridgeport is how authorities are investigating what may have caused the collision. While there certainly are cases where vehicle defects may contribute to an accident, most often an element of human error (be it intentional or not) is involved. It may be important for the causes of crashes to be determined in order to decide whether criminal charges need to be filed as well as to provide information for the insurance carriers of those involved. Beyond that, such knowledge may also prove to be beneficial to those who may end up seeking compensation from the driver deemed to be responsible.

Law enforcement officials in Maine care currently considering all factors (including speed, alcohol, drugs, distraction or vehicle defects) to determine what caused the accident that claimed the life of Rockville woman and landed her husband as well as the other driver involved in the hospital with serious injuries. It was reported that the couple the was traveling along a straight stretch of state highway when the other driver inexplicably lost control of his vehicle while approaching from the opposite direction. His vehicle struck the couple’s head on, causing a collision that ended up shutting down the highway for close to three hours. Officials reportedly obtained a blood sample from the other driver as per accident investigation protocol.

Often, one’s decision to pursue a claim against another in a car accident case is not influenced by a sense of spite, but rather a need for additional assistance in meeting his or her accident expenses (or to fill the void of one lost in such an event). Those seeking such assistance may want to first secure the services of an experienced attorney.

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