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Two people extricated from accident scene on I-95

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Among the many laws that the state of Connecticut has in place to keep motorists and pedestrians safe is the Move Over Law. Simply put, this law mandates that if drivers see disabled vehicles on the shoulder of a roadway, they should change lanes to get further away from the shoulder as they pass the disabled vehicles. The reason for this is to avoid inadvertently hitting those vehicles or any people who may be outside the vehicles tending to flat tires or the other reasons that may have made them pull over in the first place.

The failure to move over may have contributed to an accident on a recent Friday night in which two people had to be extricated from either inside a vehicle or from underneath a vehicle. Few details are known but at this time it is believed that a AAA tow truck driver was pulled over on the side of Interstate 95 helping the driver of another vehicle. Eventually multiple other vehicles became entangled in a collision that involved the tow truck and a commercial truck.

One person had to be removed from inside the commercial truck and another person had to be removed from beneath the tow truck. It is not known if those persons were the drivers of either vehicles or not. The status of any injuries were not released. A total of seven fire department units were dispatched from two different fire departments to attend to the scene along with state police.

Motorists involved in crashes like these may want to reach out to an attorney for help. This may provide the guidance necessary when dealing with so many different insurers and parties.

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