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Two crashes involve nine vehicles on I-84

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2018 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A typical Friday evening commute should allow people in Connecticut to decompress from their long work week and mentally shift into a more relaxed state of mind as they get ready for a nice weekend. Unfortunately all too often this is not allowed when a reckless driver chooses not to operate a vehicle safely.

One Friday night along a stretch of Interstate 84 near the exit number 40 saw not just one but two different accidents wreck havoc on the freeway for multiple commuters and other drivers. A total of nine vehicles including a recreational vehicle were involved. Reports indicate that people in every vehicle other than the RV experienced some level of injury due to the crashes.

In one accident, the RV hit not just one but three different passenger vehicles. The first two were pushed off of the freeway. No details were given as to the injuries sustained by the people in the cars hit but the RV driver has been cited. The other incident was a head-on collision caused when one vehicle crossed the center of the freeway. Four other vehicles were involved in this wreck that left people in each car hurt. The passenger in the wrong-way vehicle was thrown from the vehicle and is said to have been seriously injured. It is not known what caused the driver to go into oncoming traffic.

People who are hurt due to the actions of others might want to talk with a lawyer to learn how they may protect their rights and get help.  

Source: Hartford Courant, “Two Seriously Injured As Multiple-Car Crashes Block I-84 In West Hartford,” David Owens, February 2, 2018