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Authorities seek third vehicle involved in crash in Shelton

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

When people unexpectedly lose a loved one in Bridgeport, their first question is often “Why?”. That question often becomes more prevalent when the loss is sudden, such as in a car accident. Not only do the families of accidents victims seek an understanding of what caused the accidents that claimed their loved ones, but so too do law enforcement officials and insurance companies. Should information surface that such collisions were the result of recklessness, the grief felt by those impacted by them may be compounded even further. This may be true even if they know the allegedly reckless parties. 

Authorities are currently looking into the possibility that such recklessness was what caused a collision in Shelton that took two lives and injured multiple others. The accident occurred when a Mini Cooper collided with a Saturn. Law enforcement officials also believe a third car was involved, and are considering whether that vehicle might have been racing one of the two cars damaged in the collision (which one it might have been was not reported). The driver and passengers of the Saturn all were treated for non-life threatening injuries. Sadly, the occupants of the Mini Cooper were not as fortunate. One passenger as not seriously hurt, yet the driver is listed as being in critical condition. The two other passengers were pronounced dead at the scene. One was the driver’s wife, who was eight months pregnant. 

Nothing can adequately compensate for the loss of a loved one. Still, the families of accident victims may need assistance in handling the expenses that such tragedies leave behind. Often, the only way to get it is through legal action against those responsible for their losses. Those looking to initiate such action may first want to consult with an attorney. 

Source: WFSB “Teen, pregnant woman identified as victims of deadly Shelton crash” Apr. 09, 2018