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Family of man killed in crash seeking damages

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Connecticut residents who must experience the pain of losing a loved one in a car accident due to the negligence of others may often wonder what type of recourse they have. Certainly there is no way they can bring their loved ones back but it may be possible to seek some form of compensation for their losses. That is precisely what the family of one man is doing today.

As reported by the Hartford Courant, a man was driving his car after visiting his late wife’s grave when he was suddenly struck from behind by a speeding driver who was drunk and even had traces of drugs in her system. The woman who hit him was driving at more than 80 miles per hour in a 45-mile-per-hour zone. Her blood alcohol content at the time is said to have been 0.26 percent, more than three times the legal limit. Toxicology reports also identified an antidepressant and painkillers in her body.

The man, despite wearing his seatbelt, was thrown from his car. He was killed in the crash. The drunk driver also died. Officers did not pursue criminal charges since both persons involved were dead. The family of the man is now suing the estate of the drunk driver who killed him.

The lawsuit is also seeking damages under the Dram Shop Act from the restaurant that served the woman alcohol just prior to her getting in her vehicle. This law assigns liability to a restaurant or bar for serving alcohol to a drunk person if they later injure or kill someone.