Effective Accident Claim

Effective Accident Claim

Many injuries can show up after a car wreck

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The injuries that occur in a car crash can be very serious because of the way the body reacts to the impact. These vary depending on what happens during the wreck. One thing that remains the same throughout all car accident cases is that the victims will likely need medical care.

What may help after a car wreck is to know in advance some of the possible injuries that can happen. You must be on the lookout for signs of these so that you know when you should seek medical care.

Neck and back

The violent back and forth motion of the impact flings your head around. This can damage your neck and contribute to spinal cord injuries. One common neck ailment that often happens is whiplash. You may notice soreness and stiffness when you try to move your head if you have this condition. Herniated disks in the spine are also possible.

One thing to remember when the accident occurs is that you might have a serious injury to your spinal cord. This may cause numbness in your limbs and digits. An inability to move them is also possible. This is an emergency that requires immediate care.

Chest and abdomen

The seat belt across your chest and abdomen might lead to injuries due to the force of your body against it when the impact occurs. Blunt force trauma is another possibility. This sometimes leads to traumatic cardiac arrest, collapsed lungs or internal bleeding. All of these require emergency medical treatment. If you are having chest pains, trouble breathing or abdominal pain after the crash, having an ambulance come to the scene to render care and then take you to the hospital is a good idea.


You might hit your head during a wreck, which can lead to a brain injury. Even if you don’t hit your head, your brain hitting the inside of the skull may lead to a serious injury. If you lose consciousness, have a headache, vomit, feel nauseous, have vision or hearing changes, have ringing in your ears or trouble concentrating, you may have a concussion. Seeking medical care for this type of injury is imperative since some brain injuries get progressively worse without treatment.


You may suffer from broken bones in a crash. You will likely feel immediate and intense pain at the site of the break. This requires medical attention since the bone will need to be fixed and placed in either a splint or case to allow it to heal.

The cost of medical care after a crash can be expensive. You might choose to seek compensation for your injuries if the wreck was the result of another person’s negligence.