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Woman sentenced in deadly crash

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2018 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Residents in Connecticut know that a single motor vehicle accident may be caused or influenced by a wide variety of factors. These may include things that drivers have little control over like inclement weather, obstructions in the roadway or even faulty vehicle parts. Other factors are completely within the control of at least one driver or person involved. One example of this is a drunk driving accident where the impaired driver could have made other choices.

The Burlington County Times recently reported on the outcome of a criminal case against a woman for her involvement in a fatal crash that killed two people. After an initial trial that ended in a mistrial, a second trial was initiated. This one ended with the determination that the wreck was something completely avoidable had the defendant not taken the actions that she did.

Reports detail how the woman became angry when another woman came to pick up the defendant’s husband. The couple was separated, and the husband was said to be visiting their joint children. After being upset by the presence of the other woman, the defendant left her home and followed the vehicle with her children’s father and the other woman inside, even hitting it at least one time.

Some details are not clear but somewhere in the sequence, the vehicle with the couple inside failed to negotiate a turn and hit a pickup head on. Both people in the car died in the crash. The defendant is now facing 10 years in state prison without any possibility of parole until she has served eight years and six months of the sentence.