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Fatal multi-vehicle accident triggered by wrong-way driver

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2019 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most people who live in Connecticut understand the responsibility that comes with driving a motor vehicle. This responsibility includes not only following the traffic laws for the sake of obeying laws or avoiding fines but primarily to respect the lives of others by driving safely. Unfortunately, there are some people out there who seem to not take the safety of others or even themselves too seriously. Their actions make even the best safe and defensive drivers at risk of being in unnecessary accidents.

A tragic example of this reality can be seen in a recent fatal accident that happened near exit 91 along Interstate 95. The Day reports that a 32-year-old man was driving his passenger car in the wrong direction on the freeway early on a Saturday evening. There are no details about why the man may have been doing this. It is also not known if the man was potentially under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.

As the man drove his car north among traffic heading south, he collided with a sport utility vehicle. In the end, a total of two other vehicles were also involved in the wreck. The driver of the SUV died in the accident and a woman who was riding in his vehicle was still listed in serious condition two days later. The wrong-way driver also died in the wreck. Another seven people were said to be involved although no reports outlined any details of injuries they may have experienced.

People left to mourn the loss of their loved ones or to learn how to move forward with their lives after a serious accident might want to contact an attorney for ideas on seeking appropriate compensation.