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Massive Conn. wreck leaves 3 injured, car completely destroyed

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | Firm News, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Authorities closed Interstate 84 east between mile markers 28 and 30 in Southington, Connecticut, after a massive wreck that occurred last Wednesday afternoon. Cleanup after the collision took approximately two hours. Law enforcement has not yet offered any explanation as to what caused the crash. However, it is known that the vehicles involved included a tractor-trailer and five cars. 

Law enforcement released some details of the crash via Twitter. Of the six people injured in the crash, three refused treatment while the other three traveled to the hospital via transport. The crash destroyed one car so completely that it was necessary for authorities to extricate the driver, a process that took 16 minutes to complete. It is unknown whether the driver extricated from his vehicle is among the six who sustained an injury in the crash, and if so, whether he was one of the three who refused treatment or among the three who traveled to the hospital. No data as to the severity of any of the injuries is available.

The number of people involved in the crash altogether is not known at this time, and authorities have not released any names. They did, however, release a photograph of the vehicle from which the driver required extrication. It is impossible to identify the make or model as most of the car’s body is entirely missing. 

There is no information as to whether any criminal charges are pending in relation to the crash. Nevertheless, a massive motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause severe personal and property damage, and those suffering due to an injury from such a wreck may find it helpful to contact an attorney.