Effective Accident Claim

Effective Accident Claim

What can you recover after a car accident?

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Paying for damages after a car accident is a daunting task. However, certain types of damages allow you to seek compensation.

If you have suffered from an automobile accident, this article will give a brief overview of the economic and non-economic damages you may have eligibility for. See below to learn more.

Types of recoverable damages

  • Medical expenses include any medical services that you paid for associated with the accident
  • Mental and physical pain and suffering can include ongoing pain that you suffer directly connected to the accident. This includes conditions such as post-traumatic stress that show quantifiable effects on your person.
  • If a person recklessly or deliberately operated their vehicle in a way that injured you, they have liability for punitive damages. The defendant will have to pay you for double or treble damages as a punishment for their negligence or malice.
  • If you can show wages lost, the defendant is liable for a percentage of your losses. The exact amount results from a determination through a settlement or a trial.
  • Damages to your vehicle and other property are something eligible for recovery as well

What are the limits?

In Connecticut, there is no damage cap for personal injury claims. You do have a two-year statute of limitations, though. In addition, to pursue damages, the court must determine you have less than 50 percent fault in the accident. If you cannot prove this, then you will not receive damages.

You have many options for recovery after a car crash. Consult with a lawyer immediately after a severe accident to determine what damages you can recover.