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Effective Accident Claim

3 ways a TBI changes your life

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Blog, Personal Injury Claims |

Brain injuries range in severity from mild concussion to traumatic injury. Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to lasting complications and challenges. Understanding those complications helps you better prepare for any necessary adjustments to your daily life.

There are three common ways that a TBI changes your life.

1. Cognitive changes

Traumatic brain injuries affect various parts of the brain depending on the nature of the injury. This often leads to cognitive challenges, including confusion, attention span problems and memory deficits. Memory issues from a brain injury can cause trouble in recalling existing memories and also forming new ones.

2. Psychological changes

Traumatic brain injuries can also create psychological changes. After suffering a TBI, depression, anxiety and mood swings often develop. Anger, irritability and struggles with emotional regulation also occur. Patients with a brain injury affecting the prefrontal cortex may also experience loss of inhibition, impulse control problems and even hallucinations. These challenges can affect your relationships, your career and your daily life.

3. Physical changes

Traumatic brain injuries also cause physical changes in some cases. Chronic headaches are common, including both migraines and tension headaches. Brain injuries also contribute to dizziness, instability and insomnia. Some traumatic brain injuries lead to seizure disorders, loss of motor function and intracranial pressure.

When you experience any degree of a brain injury, you should understand the ways that it can affect your life. These are three ways that a TBI may alter your daily life, so consider these complications as you value your personal injury claim and negotiate your settlement.