Effective Accident Claim

Effective Accident Claim

Learn about different types of common car crashes

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Car crashes happen suddenly and can lead to serious injuries or even death. All drivers need to make sure that they are taking steps to avoid being in an accident. Understanding some of the most common types might help with this.

Car crashes don’t usually happen when both drivers involved were being safe. Instead, a reckless or negligent driver is often involved. This means that even if you are obeying the rules of the road, there is a chance that you will be involved in a crash due to the conduct of someone else. Here are a few types of common accidents to know about:

Low speed collisions

Low speed collisions often occur in places like parking lots. Typically, low speed crashes are classified as those that take place at speeds of 10 miles per hour or lower. Even though it might seem like these wouldn’t be very serious, they can be. Whiplash, for example, can occur in these cases.

Rear end collisions

This type of crash happens when a car behind another vehicle slams into that car. These accidents don’t normally involve fatalities unless they occur at high speeds, but they can lead to serious injuries, including spinal cord injuries. Often, rear end crashes occur when drivers aren’t paying attention to what is going on in front of them or because of tailgating. In some instances, this type of incident happens in a traffic jam or heavy traffic.

T-bone crashes

T-bone, or side impact, crashes happen most often at intersections. Generally, one driver either runs a red light or stop sign when that person was supposed to stop. Depending on the location of impact, these can be very dangerous. If the seat at the point of impact is occupied, that person might suffer serious injuries.

After the crash

After you are involved in a crash, you’ll likely do a quick evaluation of how you feel to determine if you need emergency medical care. In the days after the accident, you might feel sore and stiff, but you also need to watch for signs of a delayed injury. Whiplash and brain injuries might not be noticeable at the scene of the accident, but they could show up days or even weeks later. If you think that anything is amiss at all, seeking medical care is a good idea. You might even want to head in for a check-up just in case there is something you missed.