Effective Accident Claim

Effective Accident Claim

Lawyers For People Injured In Rear-End Collisions

Automobile accidents can be devastating, and rear end collisions are certainly no exception. Most people believe that when a person has been hit from behind, the driver in the rear is automatically at fault. Oftentimes, though, determining liability in a rear-end collision is not so cut and dried. Every driver has a duty of care while they are on the roadway. In order to file a claim against an insurance company following a rear end collision there must be a presentation of proof that the party charged violated their duty of care.

Proving The Duty Of Care

If you suffered an injury in a rear-end collision in the Bridgeport area — or in any Connecticut coastal community — call the lawyers of Miller, Rosnick, D’Amico, August & Butler, P.C. We have over 150 years of combined experience handling motor vehicle collision cases. We understand that the gathering evidence to prove a driver violated the burden of care can be an overwhelming and daunting task for those who are unfamiliar with the legal system. To prove a violation of the duty of care the following must be proven by a preponderance of the evidence:

  • The driver did not follow local traffic laws
  • The driver was driving recklessly
  • The driver’s vehicle was not roadworthy or in proper working condition
  • The driver failed to properly make concessions to and be aware of other drivers

Common Types Of Injuries Suffered In Rear-End Collisions Include:

  • Whiplash, neck and upper shoulder injuries
  • Brain hemorrhage from sudden acceleration and deceleration
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Facial crush injuries
  • Knee and lower leg injuries

Aggressive And Effective

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you need an attorney who is compassionate and understands how traumatic a car accident can be. You also need one who understands the uncertainty felt by those who have been left to deal with the aftermath of a car accident.

You should not have to worry about things such as:

  • Paying for your medical bills
  • Replacing or repairing your vehicle
  • Losing pay and possibly job security
  • Financial insecurity
  • Household bills
  • Coordinating and paying for assistance or in-home therapy

Decades Of Car Accident Litigation Experience — Millions Of Dollars Recovered

Our lawyers bring together more than 150 years of combined experienced among them; aggressively and effectively representing every client. While working aggressively on your behalf, you can count on clear communication throughout your case. Our lawyers and staff take a compassionate approach to every client’s needs and concerns as we build the strongest case possible for a full and fair settlement or trial.

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