Effective Accident Claim

Effective Accident Claim

Recent research could lead to new treatments for spinal cord injuries

A biology professor out of Canada recently received a $100,000 grant designed specifically to support his innovative work with spinal cord injury treatments. The professor’s work focuses on cell regeneration. He notes that he hopes his work will help victims of these injuries who suffer from paralysis regain the ability to walk and run.

More on research findings

The professor’s work uses stem cells to fix “burned out” neurons. According to a report by the Leader-Post, a Canadian news source, the professor explains that cells injured in an accident are crushed and unable to properly facilitate communication between the body and the brain. The cells are essentially unable to turn off, constantly sending messages until the nerve cell burns out. Once the cell burns out, it is unable to continue communicating with the rest of the body. The professor is working to adjust a protein that would turn off these cells, preventing burn out. If successful, he claims the procedure could potentially result in a reversal of paralysis for some victims.

More on spinal injuries

Spinal injuries can be debilitating. Experts with Mayo Clinic explain that the spine is made up of soft nerve tissues surrounded by bones. Medical professionals also note that some of the most common causes of these injuries include:

  • Automobile accidents . Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for over 40 percent of these injuries every year.
  • Falls. These types of accidents are also a leading cause of spinal injuries, particularly for those over the age of 65.
  • Sports related injuries. Impact sports like football and soccer as well as diving accidents in shallow water lead to about 10 percent of the reported spinal injuries.

Those who suffer from these injuries can face a series of complications, including continual issues with bladder and bowel control, respiratory issues as well as pain and depression.

Importance of legal counsel

Victims of spinal cord injuries due to the negligent or reckless act of another may qualify for compensation to help cover the cost of care. It is important to take potential complications into consideration when attempting to calculate a fair amount of compensation.

These are just a few things to consider when putting together a case against someone responsible for the injury. As a result, those who are injured should contact an experienced spine injury lawyer to better ensure their legal rights and any potential remedies are protected.