Effective Accident Claim

Effective Accident Claim

Stamford’s Sterling Farms Sued By Two Golfers

STAMFORD -The Sterling Farms Golf Course is having a rough summer. Two individuals are suing it, one after he got whacked in the head with a ball and the other after taking a spill on a footbridge.

Christopher Scola and Michael Donnelly are both suing the Stamford Golf Authority, which operates under the name Sterling Farms, and by association, the city. Donnelly has also named Ernie Orgera, the city’s director of operations, as a defendant.

Scola’s attorney, Michael Rosnick, of Bridgeport, wrote in a June 11 complaint that Scola had been standing near the ninth tee when a ball sailed out of the driving range area and hit Scola in the head. Scola suffered a concussion, traumatic brain injury, dizziness, double vision, neck pain and other injuries, he maintains. Rosnick wrote that the golf authority had failed to put up fencing to block balls, warn golfers around the ninth tee or regulate the driving range to prevent the hazard.

On June 17, Stamford attorney John Wayne Fox wrote that Donnelly had taken a tumble on a “worn, defective and deteriorated mat or rug” on a footbridge between the 11th tee and the adjacent green. Donnelly’s fall was so violent, Fox claimed, that he needed surgery, stitches and physical therapy to address injuries to his legs. Fox said the golf course had neglected to repair the bridge or bar its use.

Both alleged incidents happened in 2013.

Both cases are in the very preliminary stages. Corporation Counsel Kathryn Emmett has filed an appearance on behalf of the city and golf authority in the Scola case. There is no attorney on record for the city, golf authority or Orgera in the Donnelly case.

Paul Grillo, the manager at Sterling Farms, said most civil actions go directly to an insurance company and declined to comment on both cases.

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