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Effective Accident Claim
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Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

When people get behind the wheel intoxicated, there is a very real threat of damage or injury to the driver or to others. Numbers reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that more than 10,000 people are killed annually in drunk driving cases and that hundreds of thousands or more are injured. Like with all personal injury, the law cannot undo the damage that people’s recklessness and negligence cause. That said, the civil justice system provides one of the greatest mechanisms for accountability.

If you or someone close to you has been injured or killed because of someone’s recklessness or intoxication behind the wheel of a vehicle, it is important to contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible so that you can begin building a case to obtain the compensation you need to recover financially and medically.

Bridgeport Drunk Driving Lawyers

Because our team has helped thousands of clients recover millions of dollars in serious accidents, we understand the devastation that a drunk or reckless driver can cause. While client advocacy is our first and foremost focus, we take pride that we are doing our part to bolster accountability on our streets and highways. When a driver is drunk, there is a definitive demonstration of negligence, and we are almost always able to build an exceptionally strong case to recover what our clients need to recover in these cases.

We strongly encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible if you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, so we can help you do the same.

To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss a serious personal injury with one of our lawyers serving the greater Bridgeport, Stamford and New Haven areas, call 203-583-4272 or email Miller, Rosnick, D’Amico, August & Butler, P.C..