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What are common post-crash damages?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Connecticut residents who get into a car crash will have numerous issues to deal with afterwards, including various damages. Miller, Rosnick, D’Amico, August & Butler, P.C., will identify some of the most common post-crash damages.

First of all, we can divide post-crash damages into three primary categories. These categories are: damage done to people, damage done to property, and psychological damage.

Damage done to people can include physical injuries to either you or any passengers in your car. It can range from things that require immediate medical treatment like broken bones, to longer-lasting issues like whiplash, spinal damage, or concussions. The cost of medical treatment for these injuries can vary greatly as well.

“Property damage” usually refers to the damage done to your car. As most drivers know, replacing your car parts can be extremely expensive. In some crashes, your car may even end up being totaled. Finally, psychological damages can be the result of trauma related to the accident. You may find yourself needing to see a therapist due to the crash. Many people find themselves suffering from anxiety, depression, or even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being involved in particularly harsh crashes.

If you or a loved one has faced loss and damages because of a car crash, consider taking a look at our web page here on motor vehicle crashes. You can use the information there to help organize your case. Being able to contact legal professionals or scope out their information can really be a helping hand.